Prayer Ministry

Vision Statement

Prayer brings us closer to God and invites God into whatever situation we are facing; we ask for God’s will to be done, and seek and obtain direction from God.  Prayer shows our need and dependence upon Him, in fulfilling PLCC Mission of developing fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ through the exaltation of God, the edification of the saints, and the evangelization of the lost; challenging and changing Granville county and the world, one life at a time.

Jesus prayed to His heavenly Father regularly and He is our example.  Prayer is conversation with God.  We talk to him through prayer and he talks to us through His Word and other believers.

Mission Statement

To edify and cover the entire PLCC congregation through prayer: to encourage and inspire the members, families, and Church ministries to pursue a deeper prayer life, for the overall edification of the Body, and the glorification of the Lord. The goal of the prayer ministry is to provide the spiritual foundation and encouragement to all ministries of the church; specifically to pray lost souls into the kingdom of God, to pray for those in the church sharing Christ, and to pray for the spiritual growth of those who come to faith in Christ.

Prayer Requests

Do you have a prayer request? You can get it to us in three different ways:

  • Write it on the prayer request card available at our welcome table during Sunday service and place it in the offering box.
  • Contact the church office and submit it by phone (voice mail is available)
  • Email it to

Sunday Morning Prayer Ministry

Prayer meeting at 8am-8.45am If you need prayer on Sunday, we always have members of PLCC prayer ministry team and our small group leaders available to pray with you at the conclusion of each service.

Tuesday Prayer and Fasting

Every member of PLCC is encouraged to spend time praying and fasting, as we lift the prayer ministry, and other ministries of the church before God. We also spend time praying for the weekly prayer focus. Please join us for prayer!

Wednesday Midweek Prayer Meeting

Join us on Wednesday evenings @ 6pm for our midweek Prayer Meeting.  This is an amazing time to come together to pray for our church, our ministries and our community.

Quarterly Week of Prayer and Fasting

Every quarter we will have a week designated to specific prayer for the church. Join us in praying for the specific need that the Lord has impressed upon our hearts.

For more information, contact Gordon Agingu at