Year-End Giving

Dear Friend,

Thank you for being part of our effort to reach and disciple people for Jesus Christ and for your love and worship of the One who owns it all.

This year has seen several new ministry opportunities. We started early in the year with the “Who’s your One?” initiative. Through this ministry initiative, we have seen new believers come to the Lord, we have seen growth in individuals’ prayer lives, increased emphasis on sharing the Gospel, and probably many other blessings we are not even aware of today.  The men’s program Series 33 began and has reached out into the community and is encouraging men to be better husbands, fathers, brothers, and friends. And the recent marriage retreat and new study are strengthening marriages and relationships when they need it most.

These ministries and many others are all possible because of your love for the Lord and your faithfulness in giving.  God used your giving to advance and impact His Kingdom. Even though there are great ministry advancements this year, our overall giving is down, and we are behind our budget estimates for the year. At the end of September, we were approximately $8,000 short against our budget.  We want to end the year well and we still can with your help.

Because giving to the church is one of the ways we Worship and is a significant factor in the church’s ability to provide resources and ministry opportunities, it is something that we should give time, thought, and effort to doing.  Systematic giving is a simple way of being consistent in your giving and a way we can fully honor God.  Systematic giving is simply giving each time you are paid. I would like to challenge you to be consistent and deliberate in your giving to the Lord.

I want to encourage you to give today and help the church end the year well.  Giving is simple, just click on the link:

Thank you for loving God and for serving your church.


Michael Felts